KERISMA celebrates diversity through comfort & versatility in modern knitwear.  We are a boutique clothing label that offers two main collections a year: Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer. Each style is consciously designed with the creative, intelligent and free-spirited woman in mind. Her aesthetic sensibilities are drawn from her wondrous eclectic travels; soaking in the vast beauty and longevity of nature and architecture worldwide.


The label was founded in the Spring of 2010 by father & daughter duo – Phil Ke & Lihui Ke – from their combined passion, charisma and professional practice in fashion production, design and architecture. Their trans-continental upbringing in Wenzhou, Paris, and New York allows for unique designs to emerge through form, scale, material and color explorations. KERISMA aims to bridge the gap between disposable fast-fashion brands and inaccessible premium labels in the contemporary knitwear market. Today, a decade later in Downtown Los Angeles, our family-owned & operated business continues to support small independent boutiques and specialty chain retailers nationwide.


As an immigrant family, community-building, philanthropy and hospitality are a big part of our Chinese heritage and brand identity. Since Fall of 2020, we pledged to donate 2% of our yearly profits toward Arts & Culture programs that support diversity, cultural & ethnic preservation, and expansion for future generations. KERISMA continually explores with the local & international creatives on unique collaborations, seasonal campaigns and capsule collections. 


KERISMA is conscious of the fashion industry’s environmental impact and over-consumption trends. We continually seek better harvested, recycled & upcycled, and higher quality yarns that are earth & wallet friendly. In addition, we aim to use all 100% recylced plastic polybags by Autumn 2024.