2% Arts & Culture




Our 2% Arts & Culture Initiative explained:


Each fiscal year (July to June), we will be donating 2% of our online sales in the form of a KERISMA GRANT towards local Arts & Culture programs. These non-profits will be chosen based on their alignment with our creative and cultural sensibilities along with sharing our vision of a future where every woman can thrive in comfort and style!


We believe our greatest human spirit is expressed in the form of art, design, music, dance, language, and ethnic cultural traditions. We have kept the categories intentionally broad to allow for cultural proliferation through various disciplines that continually inspire us to create from our highest imagination!


As an Asian-American Chinese family with trans-continental roots in Wenzhou, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles, our journey abroad has enriched our lives and inspired the seeding and proliferation of our brand: KERISMA. We feel very connected to Third Culture Kids who stand for cultural diversity worldwide. As a society, we are moving towards a global citizenry that will be defined by its unique and individual blend of cultural identities. This dynamic perspective will allow for new adaptations and cultural exchanges to take shape & emerge organically. It is through this dynamic global lens which we create, design and merge seemingly disparate ideas into our own unique blend of knitwear concepts for today’s modern woman. 


Below are organizations we have supported over the years:


501c non-profits:

American Contemporary Ballet 

AAPI Community Fund

Black Lives Matter

CSU Community Services Unlimited 

Doctors Without Borders 

Downtown Women's Center

Elysian Valley Arts Collective

Earth Day Network

East West Players


Habitat for Humanity

LA Forum AUD

The Realm Company (TRC)

The Martha Project


Private companies & organizations:

Artist Decoded

Noh-Wave Gallery

Spirit House Collective

Speaking Tongues Podcast