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KRM Drink & Draw

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Last night we had the pleasure of hosting not only the first event in our new studio space,
but our very first drink and draw! This was a collaboration with artist and model Meghan Sabik.
During the day, we shot Meghan in our studio and then in the evening we invited
friends and fellow artists to do life drawings while Meghan posed.

The photoshoot was inspired by classic still life painters such as Pieter Claesz, Caravaggio, Bartolomeo Manfredi, Jules Joseph Lefebvre, Simon Vouet, and Johannes Vermeer. We wanted to create rich imagery with an emphasis on classical still life composition that highlighted the knitted textures of a selection of our AW16 collection. Using a variety of fruit, flowers, antiques, velvet drapery, and other ornamental objects we created an intricate set with which to surround our model. You might also see a few cameo appearances from our office dog #ZombiThePup. We partnered up with Ren Ariel Sano,
designer of The Good Girl Collective, who graciously provided a wide selection of her
jewelry to adorn our lovely model with.


Meghan herself is studying art in London and we were so delighted to be able to
work with her during her visit to Los Angeles. We have given her the photos we took and she
intends to create her own unique works of art using the photos as reference.


In the evening Meghan posed for artists, both amateur and distinguished. We served a variety of
cheeses, wines, and other treats carefully curated by our creative director, Lihui. It was, all in all, a complete success. The atmosphere was enthusiastic and a good time was had by all.
Stay tuned for the photo spread which will be released this fall!


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