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Ahh, the Holidays....

In between scheduling your 7th facial this year and your dad's first colonoscopy, you found yourself ambushed, facing a full calendar for the month of December. Christmas parties at work,
your 4 year relationship anniversary, a family gathering, a Secret Santa dinner with friends,
and hosting a New Years Eve party. Talk about anxiety...

But this year will be different.

You won't allow yourself more than 3 glasses of Chardonnay per event, you won't compulsively eat turkey after 9pm and you won't be clumsy in heels. This holiday season you won't even allow any
glacial climactic conditions to restrict or diminish your affinity for fashion.

This is YOUR month.

Now, let's actually slightly mention anxiety because we know there are few things in the hallowed ground of sartorial choices that are as puzzling and complex as trying to decide what to wear to a Holiday event. While the choice of staying away from wearing that silver pleather miniskirt to visit your Grandma
was an easy one, you will face much more complex ones.

But why are we making this more challenging than what it needs to be? Why does figuring out what to wear during the month of December feels like choosing when to have your wisdom tooth removed, instead of a process we can relish and have fun with?

Take the Elu Sweater for example, it registers as complex and intricate, but at second glance is modern and fun. The Elu Sweater is Holiday suitable because she (yes, it's a she) is just like you at a party: opinionated, amusing and entertaining.

The Sueno Shirt on the other side, is the versatile part of you, the side you have wanted
everyone at work to see and now this is your chance. Sleeves rolled up, down, buttoned all the way up, have it unbuttoned half way and tuck in the front for a blousing effect. Wear it with a houndstooth
printed skirt to that office holiday event, a knee length pleated skirt for family gathering #1,
and black leggings while Christmas shopping.

Your going-out knitwear dreams come true with the Anais Sweater. Not a full on show stopper,
more like a small venue stopper? but regardless, a stopper. A "Where did you get that sweater?" type of sweater. You know what I mean. Keep everything else simple and neutral; Think pairing the
Anais Sweater with charcoal leggings, camel trousers, wide leg pants...or not! pair it with the matching Anais Long Skirt on New years eve and a solid chunky necklace, or match it with the
short version when exchanging presents with the girls!

Date night during the Holidays? Done. The Jana Dress is that paradoxically superlative merger of the two adjectives you look for the most when describing the ideal dress: appropriate but seductive.
This is the show stopper, not a go-to dress for a casual night out, but more like that dress for that day when you feel abnormally confident during the Holidays. Choose the scarlet red one to highlight
your sensuous side, or in Navy to compliment your figure.

Have you ever felt like an extrovert trapped in the body of an introvert? The Reef Long Cardi is there for you; A traditional cardigan on the outside with a festive jacquard print on the inside. A surprise party in the form of a cardigan, if you will. Think sleek, minimal accessories paired with a solid colored tee.
Opt for a skirt that hits right above your knees to highlight the movement from the fringe while you work the room zipping on your third (and last) glass of Chardonnay at your New Years Eve party.

Dressing for the Holidays?

Challenge accepted!


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