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All the Single Ladies… Now put your hands up!

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vday 01

Calling all the single ladies!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and some of us are swiping left and right to find ourselves a man
to take us out on a nice romantic date for a candle lit dinner, or watch the sunset on the beach.
Well I am here to tell you that you don’t need a man to have a fantastic Valentine’s Day. I know from
experience that a man isn’t the only one that will bring love into your life. Love comes in all shapes
and forms and I am here to share the love with you all!

Before anyone can love you, you need to love yourself. Treat yourself to some
one on one time with someone you should love the most, Yourself!

1. Have a cozy night in and watch your favorite movie and cheat with some of your favorite snacks!
Dying to watch the new Girl On a Train movie that’s now on Redbox? Here is your chance to go
rent it and indulge in some nachos, cookies, and maybe a bottle of wine. Give yourself a break and
do what you want to do for a change. There are no rules!

2. How often do you truly relax? Go get some bubble bath or some bath bombs and enjoy a
long hot bath! When is the last time you took a bath rather than a shower? …Come-on let’s be honest
with each other. Make this one on one bath date even more romantic with some lit candles
placed throughout the bathroom and even some rose petals on the floor. Hey why not; you deserve it!
Top it off with some Ed Sheeran or your favorite playlist on Spotify.

3. Treat yourself to a professional massage. Stressed out from work? Sore from hitting the gym
after making that yearly New Year’s resolution? Take a break from life and enjoy a professional massage.
Extra 10 points if you score a hot guy to rub you down. Massages can be expensive, but
every now and then it can be a great way to escape the world of chaos and land some peace!
Plus, your body will love you even more for it.

vday 02

Your friends love you! Why else would they put up with all your craziness?

I am sure you have at least one other single friend that would love to go out with
you on Valentine’s Day. It is the perfect way to catch up on some much needed girl time and
gossip about what happened on this week’s episode of The Voice.

1. Go to the movies! See a chic flick that you would have otherwise had to drag your
man to on a leash or using some kind of deal. This year Fifty Shades Darker will be out just in
time for Valentine’s day. Why not go all out with some popcorn and a slushy?

2. Be creative! A great way to express yourselves is through art. There are plenty of
things to do with your friends to get your hands dirty. Paint and sip, Color Me Mine, or a ceramic class
are all great options. Pick up a paint brush and paint your hearts out! You can even make a
gift for each other while spending much needed time together.

3. Throw a party! Add a theme or make it a cocktail party. Give you and your friends a
reason to dress up. Decorate the house with roses and paper hearts. Gather up all your fellow single
ladies and play a round of dirty minds and sing some karaoke. After all, girls just want to have fun!

vday 03

Your family loves you unconditionally!

This Valentine's you may not have a man to love, but hey,
your family is always there and I am sure you love them very much.

1. Make dinner! Show your love and gratitude to your parents by making them a nice
romantic dinner. Maybe pick out your favorite family recipe, or steal one off of
the food network, set the table, add some flowers, and Voilà you just set the mood for
them to have a lovely Valentine’s Day date while showing them your adoration at the same time.
After all food is the fastest way to the heart.

2. Go see a show! Go laugh your hearts out together at the local comedy club.
This will be something that the whole family can enjoy and bond over. I am sure it is
not often that you and your whole family can get together and enjoy an outing together.
Maybe the comedian can make you laugh about the fact that you are still singl… *cough cough..

3. Facetime date! Maybe your family lives far from you. Send them a gift in the mail
and watch them open it through facetime. Take a sufficient amount of time out of your
day to facetime with them rather than the typical 10-minute brief obligatory calls
that your mom requires. I am sure your parents will appreciate this and see it as being as
close to a visit as they can get until the holidays. Plus, I am sure there is plenty of
venting that you need to get out of your system, and who is better to listen to you
then your parents? Well single ladies - as I always say each year when it comes to hoping
that prince charming would come and take me out on Valentine’s Day - there is always next year!
So in the meantime take advantage of all of the other love in your life.

See you next year!


The Hopeful Romantic

vday 03

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