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Simple Easy and Light

If you hadn't considered the daunting task of wearing head to toe white since 1995,
this is your chance to reconsider!

Our Betsy Crop top makes the challenging task of getting ready during a heat wave enjoyable and fun.
In our signature ribbed pattern, this top elegantly highlights your d├ęcolletage and it
beautifully hugs your body in all the right parts.

To create the ideal 2-piece-set, try pairing it with our Midori skirt. A.K.A the most comfortable skirt you will ever own, A.K.A one of our all time best sellers, A.K.A the epitome of flawless! You get the point!

Two pieces that you will buy now and wear them forever.

Featuring our Betsy Top and Midori Skirt

Model : Erika Saxon
Photography : Sarah Lovrien

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