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• Meet The Team •

general manager & co-founder

red wine & Asian dramas

spirit animal: komodo dragon

creative director & co-founder

fish tacos & a fun blazer

spirit animal: salamander

office mom

gardening & vintage shopping

spirit animal: butterfly

shipping & logistics

the Lakers & a good ole fashioned

spirit animal: seahorse

production / technical designer

blue october & hippos

spirit animal: ladybug

fashion designer

affogato after any meal & playing scattergories

spirit animal: deer

sales manager & acct. receivable

Disneyland & tapatio on everything

spirit animal: alligator

sales & customer service

film cameras & 80s fashion

spirit animal: finch

shipping & receiving

agua ardiente & soccer

spirit animal: duck

shipping & receiving

the Infiniti G35 & a cold Modelo Especial

spirit animal: parrot

graphic designer

spicy margaritas & 90's hip hop

spirit animal: porcupine

boston bestie

making new friends & sunbathing

spirit animal: office mascot