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Knit Care

Our collections feature a wide range of ultra lightweight to chunky knit pieces constructed at various gauges.

Please always follow the care instructions printed on the care label of each garment. It is typically located inside the garment at the left side seam or below the neck label. In addition, always handle our knits with care by removing abrasive jewelry prior to wear and avoid contact with rough surfaces.


Below are our general knit care instructions_



For best wash results, we recommend using a wool or cashmere shampoo. Eucalen fine fabric wash is also a great option.


If hand washed as per care instructions, lay garment on a flat non-abrasive surface to dry. If hung, use a hanger with horizontal bar.


For best results, keep knitted garments folded neatly or rolled to limit excessive creasing. When hung for a long period of time, please be aware that the garment may lengthen depending on the yarn blend(s) & knit fabrication.


Always steam each knit garment prior to wear. For delicate yarns, keep steamer head 2-3 inches from the garment. Gently run across creases & folds. We do not recommend ironing as it will flatten the yarn fibers and may result in unattractive “shiny areas” along visible seams.